Sejong’s First Hydrogen Bus-Exclusive Charging Station Started Operating in Daepyeong-dong

The Local Government of Sejong City has operated hydrogen buses as part of the efforts to contribute to spreading carbon neutrality practices. Enhancing the efforts, on May 4, 2024, the Daepyeong hydrogen charging station started operation.

The charging station is part of the Ministry of Environment’s low-emission vehicle supply project. It was built on a 1,500 m2 site with a building area of 596.41 m2. It cost KRW 9.35 billion, including KRW 4.2 billion from the national budget, KRW 1.35 billion from the city budget, and KRW 3.8 billion from private investment.

The station can charge approximately 270 hydrogen buses per day, which is 12 times the capacity of passenger car charging stations, making it the largest in the central part of the city. The Daepyeong Hydrogen Charging Station is also strategically positioned at the central garage where more than 300 city buses operate daily, potentially catalysing the stable distribution of hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles within the area.

The hydrogen buses in Sejong City are designed with the pattern of the Hunminjeongeum, the origin of Hangul, to promote Korean cultural heritage. Currently, there are 45 buses in operation. An additional 20 buses are scheduled to be deployed by the end of this year, bringing the total to 65 by 2024.

The Daepyeong Commercial Hydrogen Refueling Station has the largest capacity in the central part of Sejong. The local government of Sejong City will continue to make efforts to expand the deployment of hydrogen buses and to build hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in the future.

On June 19, during the Board of Directors meeting in São Paulo, Brazil, Sejong City proudly joined the ranks of METROPOLIS, a prestigious network of 150 cities worldwide, reserved for capital cities or those with populations exceeding one million.

Seoul received the membership certificate on behalf of Sejong City. Now, Sejong City has become South Korea’s administrative capital, poised to lead the Global Capital Network and forge strong connections around the world, particularly with Barcelona, home to the headquarters of UCLG and METROPOLIS. Our next chapter has just begun.