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The UCLG ASPAC Internship Programme (UAIP) is a unique opportunity for final-year students and recent graduates to immerse themselves in the dynamic world of local governance and sustainable development within the Asia-Pacific region. This internship initiative, developed by United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC), aims to provide professional exposure and hands-on experience to young individuals, allowing them to actively contribute to the initiatives and projects of local governments.

The UAIP is designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, fostering a new generation of leaders equipped with the skills and insights needed to address complex urban issues. Through this programme, interns are encouraged to apply their diverse backgrounds, learn new skills, and gain in-depth knowledge of UCLG ASPAC’s functional activities, making meaningful contributions to the pursuit of sustainable development and inclusive governance in the Asia-Pacific region.

How to Apply

Please prepare the required documents listed below and click the button to proceed:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Recommendation Letter (Academic/Professional)
  3. Latest Academic Transcript
  4. Personal Statement (200-250 words) addressing the following questions:
    • Why are you interested in undertaking an internship at UCLG ASPAC?;
    • What do you hope to learn from your internship?;
    • How does your internship experience align with your personal, academic, and professional goals?


To be considered for the enriching UCLG ASPAC Internship Programme, applicants must meet comprehensive qualifications tailored to ensure a diverse and skilled cohort:

  • Academic Background: Prospective interns should be final-year students or in the 5th semester of their undergraduate program, majoring in disciplines such as Social and Political Sciences, Urban Planning, Environmental Studies, or related fields. This requirement ensures a foundational understanding of subjects relevant to the UCLG ASPAC mission.
  • Technical Proficiency: Candidates should demonstrate technical proficiency in areas critical to the organisation’s operations, such as Microsoft Office, video editing, photo editing, graphic design, data processing, etc (depending on the Scope of Professional Interest). This skill set aligns with the organisation’s dynamic needs and specific projects interns may contribute to during their tenure.
  • Language Skills: Proficiency in spoken and written English is a prerequisite for applicants. Fluency in another language is considered an asset, enhancing effective communication and collaboration within the diverse and international context of UCLG ASPAC.
  • Personal Attributes: The UCLG ASPAC Internship Programme seeks individuals who embody proactive and determined qualities. Successful applicants should showcase a strong initiative, take ownership of responsibilities, actively contribute to projects, and demonstrate a self-driven commitment to their personal and professional development. The program’s dynamic and cooperative work environment values the ability to work independently and collaboratively.

Roles and Responsibilities

The UCLG ASPAC Internship Program offers exceptional graduate students a unique platform for immersive learning experiences. Tailored to the organisation’s distinct needs, interns will be able to focus on Research, Communication, Advocacy, and Administration.

  • Research: Engage in investigative inquiries, contributing analytical skills to enhance the organisation’s understanding of pertinent issues.
  • Communication: Undertake publications and social media responsibilities, actively participating in disseminating information and fostering engagement with stakeholders.
  • Advocacy: Contribute efforts toward promoting the organisation’s mission and objectives in varied contexts.
  • Administration: Play a vital role in ensuring the smooth execution of organisational activities and learning the intricacies of effective management.

Scope of Professional Interest

  • Research and Policy Analyst
  • Knowledge Management
  • Administration
  • Project and Programme
  • Learning and Capacity Development
  • Information and Technology
  • Communication (Campaign and Social Media)
  • Finance and Accounting


  • Recruitment Publication (20 April – 17 May 2024): The application period opens on 20th April 2024 and closes on 17th May 2024. Information about program objectives, eligibility, and application procedures is disseminated actively.
  • Selection Process (20-24 May 2024): Evaluation of applications, interviews, and assessments.
  • Announcement (31 May 2024): Selected candidates are announced on 1st March 2024, marking the beginning of their IUAP journey.
  • Batch 2 (11 Jun 2024 – 11 Sep 2024): The second batch commences on 03rd May 2024, concluding on 02nd September 2024.
  • Batch 3 (26 Aug 2024 – 25 Nov 2024): The third batch begins on 26th August 2024 and concludes on 25th November 2024.
  • Evaluation (Final week of each Batch): Each batch of IUAP concludes with a final presentation and submission of reports by the intern, which includes feedback sessions, performance assessments, and reflections on interns’ collective contributions. A final evaluation for the whole batch, assessing the internship program’s overall impact, is planned for late November 2024 by UCLG ASPAC to ensure continuous improvement for future IUAP iterations.


The UCLG ASPAC Internship Programme (UAIP) primarily operates as an unpaid program, emphasising valuable hands-on experience and professional development. The program is designed to provide learning experiences without financial compensation, focusing on enriching interns’ skills and insights.

  • Unpaid Internship Program: The core structure revolves around an unpaid internship model, showcasing a commitment to offering interns a rich learning environment and exposure to real-world scenarios. Interns engaging on an unpaid basis gain valuable insights contributing to their personal and professional growth.
  • Possibility of Paid Internships: The UAIP allows for potential paid internships under specific circumstances. When a UCLG ASPAC project budget permits, paid internships may be offered based on project outputs or a monthly stipend. A decision is contingent upon the budget holder or donor scheme associated with the particular project, ensuring adaptability for interns to benefit from paid opportunities.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Interns have the option to join the UAIP with sponsorship from external donors or institutions. This model allows financial support for interns, with sponsors contributing to living expenses, transportation, and related costs. The UAIP actively encourages interns to explore sponsorship opportunities, fostering collaborations aligning with the program’s goals and values and those of sponsoring entities.

Completion of Internship

Upon successfully concluding the internship, interns will receive a Certificate of Service signed by the Secretary General of UCLG ASPAC.