UCLG ASPAC Committee and Standing Committee

United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific (UCLG ASPAC) has eight standing committees and committees. They are: Standing Committee for Southeast AsiaStanding Committee of South and Southwest Asia, Standing Committee of Women in Local Government, Culture Committee, Belt and Road Local Cooperation (BRLC) Committee, 21st Century Maritime Cooperation Committee (21MCC), UCLG ASPAC Tourism Committee and HDP Nexus Committee.

HDP Nexus Committee

Active members and associations: All UCLG ASPAC Gyeonggi-do, Jambi, Padang, Jayapura, Semarang, Dhulikhel, Phnom Penh, GAOK (South Korea), FSLGN (Sri Lanka).

The HDP Nexus Committee is working towards reducing poverty, economic growth and social stability in developing countries, based on the OECD DAC Recommendation adopted in February of 2019. It emphasizes the Humanitarian (H), Development (D), and Peace (P) Nexus within fragile and conflict countries.

In line with the trend of the international community, Gyeonggi Provincial Government took the initiative to establish a committee called, the “HDP Nexus Committee” under UCLG ASPAC in June 2021.

UCLG ASPAC Tourism Committee

Active members: Xi’an

The UCLG ASPAC Tourism Committee has established during the Executive Bureau Meeting on 9th September 2021. The Xi’an Municipal People’s Government initiates the Tourism Committee within UCLG ASPAC. Its members will be member cities and local governments of UCLG ASPAC, tourism cities along the Silk Road, and sister cities of Xi’an.

21st Century Maritime Cooperation Committee

Active members: Fuzhou

21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) is a standing committee of United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific (hereinafter referred to as UCLG ASPAC), jointly initiated by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) and the Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government. It was established after approval in April 2017 at the UCLG ASPAC Executive Bureau Meeting held in Catbalogan, the Philippines. It is a non-profit international organisation composed of the members of UCLG and other cities and organisations that accept the Charter of the Committee. The site and the secretariat of the Committee shall be permanently located in Fuzhou, Fujian, China.

Belt And Road Local Cooperation (BRLC) Committee

Active members: HANGZHOU, China.

UCLG ASPAC Committee on the Belt and Road Local Cooperation (BRLC) was inaugurated at Thematic Session on People-to-People Connectivity at the first Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing. BRLC is founded, within the framework of UCLG ASPAC, by Hangzhou Municipal Government and the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) with the Secretariat located permanently in Hangzhou.

Culture Committee

Active members: JEJU (Chair), MAKATI, BAGUIO, VIGAN, KILGA (Association)

UCLG ASPAC Culture Committee was established in 2015 with the goal to promote culture as the fourth pillar of sustainable development in the Asia and Pacific region. It aims to influence policy formulation, facilitate knowledge sharing of cultural policies and exemplary practices, and establish an active culture network in the region. The works of Culture Committee focuses on five themes: Culture and Environment; Culture, Urban Planning and Public Space; Governance of Culture; Culture and Economy; and Heritage, Diversity, and Creativity. In addition, the Culture Committee also conducts training programmes on cultural tourism development in Jeju (South Korea).

Standing Committee Women In Local Governments

Active members: All UCLG ASPAC members from all regions.

In order to enhance the number of women’s participation in the UCLG Council, efforts have been made by the Secretariat to support this focus.

Cities Alliance agreed to support UCLG ASPAC’s plan on strengthening women in local governments. UCLG ASPAC Secretary General as a member of the UN-Habitat Advisory Group on Gender Issues (AGGI) is actively involved and engaged in the Advisory Group representing Asia Pacific region.

To operate the Standing Committee, Banda Aceh Lady Mayor Illiza Saa’dudin Djamal is currently the chair the Committee. She replaced Dr. Felicity-Ann Lewis who has ended her term as mayor of Marion City, Australia. The first meeting of the Standing Committee members was held in October, in conjunction with the Asia-Pacific Urban Forum (APUF) in Jakarta.

Standing Committee Of South And Southwest Asia

Active members: All UCLG ASPAC members from the South and South-West Asia region.

The Committee of South and South-West Asia was formed to strengthen cooperation amongst members and partners in this sub-region. It aims to facilitate knowledge sharing and exemplary practices of local government with almost same context, and responsible to ensure the effective implementation of UCLG ASPAC’s activities in South and Southwest sub-region Asia. The work of the Committee is coordinated by UCLG ASPAC Coordinator based in Islamabad Office which was established in the first quarter of 2016.

Standing Committee For Southeast Asia

Active members: All UCLG ASPAC members from the Southeast Asia region.

Standing Committee for Southeast Asia (DELGOSEA) was established to support the implementation of DELGOSEA that aims to promote stronger partnerships among cities and local governments in South-East Asian sub-region.

The Standing Committee has gathered in Manila in April 2015 to discuss the new structure of the Network, and to propose the template of the monitoring and evaluation of the activities. Another meeting was held in conjunction with the ASEAN Mayors Forum in Makassar in September 2015 in which the Work Plan of 2016 was presented and the composition of the National Steering Council was formed.