Regent Indah Putri Indriani of North Luwu: Welfare, Education, and Children’s Growth and Development

REGENT Indah Putri Indriani of North Luwu is the first female leader in the regency. She is currently leading the regency in her second round and her leadership has shown positive impacts on the development of the regency, reflected by the improvement of services received by the local people. Welfare, education, and children’s growth and development are some of the areas that Regent Indah has focused on in her works.

WELFARE. Under the leadership of Regent Indah, the Government of North Luwu has provided interest subsidies for every loan made by local farmers. This scheme allows local people to receive the money as they requested as a loan (without deduction) and return to the bank the same amount (without interest). According to the record, in 2022, 186 small and medium enterprises in the regency benefited from the facility. 

EDUCATION. Regent Indah also gives attention to the education field. In March 2023, Regent Indah allocated special funds for education (IDR33.9 billion/USD2,272,879) to build and repair classrooms in North Luwu. Her focus on education is also reflected in the award received by the local library as one of the best in the Social Inclusion-Based Library Transformation Programme 2022. 

STUNTING. To support the growth and development of children, the Government of North Luwu has also created Stunting Reduction Acceleration Team. The goal is to improve the integration of regency and rural areas.