Mayor Winarti of Tulang Bawang: The First Female Leader, Stealing the Spotlight

MAYOR Winarti is the first female leader in the Regency of Tulang Bawang, Lampung Province, Indonesia. Starting her political career from Secretary of one political party in sub-district level, Mayor Winarti climbed her way up and soon stole the spotlight. She once said that she would like her presence to be felt the way the country is there for people. How far does it take her? Her works says it all.

Bringing Public Services More Accessible to People. When nominating herself, she felt challenged to bring up something that is not yet existing. One of them is bringing public services much closer and accessible to people. She transformed the unused office building into a public service mall officiated by the Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform, the late Mr. Tjahjo Kumolo, on November 4, 2020. Ever since, the regency’s public service deliveries grow rapidly. Mayor Winarti also offers “document scouting”, other solution to local people who need the service. They only need to do coordination with local leaders for document management.

Tackling Stunting. Health has become one of her top priorities. She ensures each district/village has one ambulance, one midwife, and one nurse. Specific to stunting, Mayor Winarti creates “Sayang Ibu” (Love Mother) and “Grebek Stunting” (Stunting Inspection) programme, through which the health of pregnant mother is closely monitored using an application and regular stunting inspection to community health centres as well as door-to-door visit to local people’s houses to closely monitor both pregnant mothers and child’s development. The programme also supplies vitamins and medicines. Talking about result, the data speaks itself. The Ministry of Health recorded consistent reduction of stunting cases in Tulang Bawang Regency: from 32.49% in 2018; 15.39% in 2019; 11,17% in 2020; to 9.5% in 2021, making the regency nestle at the fifth best nationally in tackling stunting.

Infrastructure. Mayor Winarti builds and repairs road, opening access even to remote areas and improving connectivity. Electricity access also improves, and house lighting achieves 100%.  

Inclusivity. Mayor Winarti claims that her programmes accommodate the needs of vulnerable groups, such as people with disabilities and elder people, as she provides budget and assistance for those in needs to remain independent. The claim is reflected in the consistent improvement of Human Development Index in the regency: 67.70 in 2018, 68.23 in 2019, 68.52 in 2020, and 68.73 in 2021.

Mayor Winarti has shown her contribution through her works. She is one of the city leaders one can look up to and learn from.