Mayor Renu Dahal of Bharatpur: Leading for People

MAYOR Renu Dahal of Bharatpur Metropolitan City (BMC) was elected in 2017. The welfare and well-being of local people have become the focus of her actions. This has been reflected in the efforts she gathered and put into action. In addition, health adds up to the list of her priority in developing the city.

Her concern in the field of health has been shown right after her formal election. Mayor Renu Dahal announced that out-patient department services are free for women and elderly citizens above 60 years of age at the state-run hospitals in Bharatpur city. Mayor Dahal said that she understands health problems faced by women and, thus, encouraged her to make the decision.

Responding to the COVID-19 situation, Mayor Dahal also unveiled the budget allocation of Rs 4.15 billion focusing on quarantine management, treatment of COVID-19 infected persons, and creation of jobs for people returning home from abroad in the wake of the pandemic. Also included in the budget was the plan to address fundamental rights and welfare improvement of local people through the creation of economic, physical, social, and environmental infrastructures. There were 11 priority areas enlisted in the allocation including land utilisation, an improvement on access to health service, education, agriculture and livestock department, environment conservation and greenery promotion, and disaster management.

Under the leadership of Mayor Dahal, Bharatpur Metropolis transformed Chitwan Expo Centre into a special 70-bed temporary hospital in just three days for treatment of patients infected by the coronavirus. The facility comprises an Intensive Care Unit/ICU (10 beds), High Dependency Unit/HDU (10 beds), and a general ward (50 beds). This facility is made available through collaboration with various stakeholders, such as the College of Medical Sciences and the private hospital coordination committee.

The leadership of Mayor Dahal reflected on her priorities, actions, and concerns add up to the list of women leaders with quality and capability to lead the city and her people.



Pictures: Google