THE Asian Development Bank (ADB) has launched its new publication “GrEEEn Solutions for Livable Cities’ – innovative, exploratory, reflective study of cities as unique urban spaces that support life, work, and play.

The new publication synthetizes its approach and learning from the past years, including contributions from partners’ during the first Enabling GrEEEn Cities Regional Conference in May 2014 at ADB headquarters in Manila, the Philippines. It is a result of a 2-year study that responds to major issues affecting the quality of­ life of urban residents. The publication offers practical ways on how urban managers and practitioners, business people, and citizens can engage to make cities more livable by building on their distinctive physical, social, cultural, and economic characteristics.

With the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations, the publication was released at just the right moment, offering integrated urban development solutions that can translate global development commitments into urban-level actions to achieve livable cities.

Enjoy the publication here.