Yiwu: Promoting Common Prosperity through Live-Streaming with Foreign Friends

1 July 2022 | YIWU city embraces the understanding that common prosperity is not only an economic issue and that it cannot be limited to economic income but should also take into account the people’s sense of access, happiness and security. Guided by the principle that common prosperity is the prosperity of all people, the prosperity of both the material and spiritual lives of the people, the Yiwu Foreign Affairs Office held an event with a local State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) to promote products from less developed countries in China on July 1st.

Under the theme of “Friendship, Common Prosperity, Stories of Agricultural Produce,” the Yiwu Foreign Affairs Office invited six friends from Finland, Mexico, and other countries to promote their products through live-streaming and recommend delicious food such as Jiangxi Rice Noodles and Ancient Tree Tea from Malipo, Yunnan.

At the site, an inauguration taking the theme of “Common Prosperity International Communication Base” was also conducted for the promotion of products from over 100 countries in the Exhibition Hall. In addition, six international friends from Finland, Mexico, and other countries were awarded a letter of appointment of “FLY Ambassadors of Friendship for International Promotion of Agricultural Produce” issued by the Yiwu Foreign Affairs Office.

On the same day, foreign friends experienced high-quality agricultural products from all over China by visiting the Exhibition Hall and tasting dishes