Daegu to World, World to Daegu!

If you want to look for the best highlights of Daegu and know how to spend your time in the city, discover Daegu’s beautiful culture and exciting travel information through the city’s social media sites. Daegu actively communicates and engages with Millennials and Generation Z from all over the world on its social media platform.

Daegu can be reached out through various sites online including Facebook & Instagram (English, Chinese, and Japanese) and Weibo. It provides very simple, but authentic ways to enrich every trip, mingle with the locals, and learn the taste and culture of Daegu.   

Daegu opened its very first Facebook page in English in 2012 and it expanded its channels to Instagram in 2020. The total number of subscribers has reached 388,000 (as of January 2024) and nearly 40% of them are young generations in their teens to 30s. They ask and answer questions simultaneously through comments and direct messages (DM) as younger generations are used to handling real-time interactive information and communication. In the future, Daegu plans to focus on creating more interesting content by analysing the preferences of major users and considering these characteristics in detail, which will contribute to promoting Daegu’s various charms and information to the world and finally raising Daegu’s global recognition.

Visit through the QR code and have a whale of a time. Again, Daegu is a great choice for you!