Yiwu-Aragón: Celebrating Friendship

May 2022 | Recently, Director Wu Dan of the Foreign Affairs Office joined a cloud meeting with Mr. Ramon Tejedor, General Manager of the Aragón Exterior, and Rafael Llopis Baeza, Deputy Manager of the Foreign Investment Office and Chief Representative of the Aragón Representative Office in Shanghai.

Director Wu Dan shared her expectation that on the occasion of 40th anniversary of the building of Yiwu market and 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Spain, two cities will carry out exchanges and cooperation in culture, economy, trade, education, youth, and other areas.

Mr. Ramon Tejedor, general manager of Aragón Exterior remarked that he was very happy to get in touch with Yiwu again. Given the current situation, it is effective and practical to conduct exchanges via video links. He hoped that the two sides can carry out more cloud dialogues in the future to enrich the content of exchanges and promote cooperation. He said he looked forward to paying a visit to Yiwu in the near future.

Mr. Rafael Llopis Baeza said that as the chief representative in Shanghai, he had visited Yiwu many times and the city had left a good impression to him. He said that Aragón and Yiwu’s friendship started with the launch of Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe Freight Train as two cities are on the route of “Belt and Road Initiative”. Aragón companies have participated in exhibitions held in Yiwu for many times, and the two sides have a solid foundation and broad prospects for cooperation. Aragón hopes to maintain close contact with the Foreign Affairs Office, and wishes the freight train can play a more active role in deepening the cooperation between two cities.