Wakatobi Soon Welcomes the Local Leaders for HABITAT III’s Preparation

WITH the theme “Asia-Pacific Local Government Voices towards Habitat III on a New Urban Agenda,” the Wakatobi Regency will soon welcome local leaders to strongly proclaim the commitment and support of Asia-Pacific Local Governments towards sustainable urban development and a “New Urban Agenda.” The Wakatobi Conference will bring out a declaration that will be presented on the occasion of the “Sixth Asia Pacific Urban Forum” and “High-Level Regional Preparatory Meeting to Habitat III in the Asia-Pacific,” organized by UN ESCAP and hosted by the Government of Indonesia that will take place in Jakarta, from 19-22 October 2015. Other expected outputs include the signing of a cooperation agreement between Wakatobi and Jeju towards the promotion of low carbon societies.

Keynote Speech by President Jokowi

The President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo is expected to deliver a keynote speech at Merdeka Square Wangi-Wangi on the 5th of September.The Conference will be held in conjunction with the ExBu and Council Meetings of UCLG ASPAC from 5-7 September 2015. (MH)