Sejong: Way Towards Smart City

Sejong is on its way to becoming a leading smart city by integrating advanced technologies such as ICT, big data, AI, and robotics to enhance urban life and tackle complex challenges. By 2030, Sejong aims to be a national model, using innovations such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, and drones to offer its citizens top-tier smart services.

In January of this year, Sejong began deploying “Spot,” a patrol robot, at Geumgang Pedestrian Bridge to enhance safety and transform the area into a tourist attraction. This initiative represents the first outdoor deployment of such technology by a local government.

Developed by Boston Dynamics, Spot is a cutting-edge, four-legged, AI-powered robot that features autonomous navigation with obstacle detection, remote control, and automatic charging capabilities.

Spot is currently engaged in 24/7 autonomous patrols on the Geumgang Pedestrian Bridge. It uses its onboard CCTV for AI-based analysis to detect falls and fires. The footage captured by Spot is monitored at Sejong’s control center, which coordinates with emergency services, including the national emergency numbers 112 for police and 119 for fire services, for rapid joint responses to incidents or crimes.

Looking ahead, Sejong City will continue leveraging cutting-edge technology to address urban challenges efficiently, ensuring it maintains a strong bond with the citizens.