Regent Kasmarni of Bengkalis: Appreciation and Awards from Working for People

REGENT Kasmarni Purbaningtiyas of Bengkalis is the first female leader of the Regency. The results of her work for the area and its people are well reflected in the appreciation she has received from the various levels of government and other relevant institutions.

The highlight of her programme includes funding support for sub-districts, wards, and villages (IDR 1 trillion each), Program Perempuan Berdaya Keluarga Sejahtera (women empowerment for family welfare), scholarship for education, social security and health for people, optimising inter-island transportation service, and mobile-based administration for the local population.

Relating to the results of her work, in August 2022, Regent Kasmarni was awarded by KPK (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi/Corruption Eradication Commission) for her success in rescuing assets and optimising local taxes. In November 2022, she also received an acknowledgment for her achievement; As under her leadership, Bengkalis Regency achieved 95.92 percent of the Universal Health Coverage (UHC), a health protection programme for local people even when they can’t afford to pay the minimum monthly contribution. In April 2023, Bengkalis Regency received recognition from the Governor of Riau Province, Mr. H. Syamsuar for the development of the area. Moreover, under the leadership of Regent Kasmarni, Bengkalis Regency has also received the highest recognition for good administration of its locally generated revenue. Her great work grabbed the attention of the President of Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo, who awarded her the Satyalancana Karya Satya award in 2017.

Regent Kasmarni adds up the list of woman leaders in Asia-Pacific who have the capacity to lead the people and the city making them develop better.