Mayor Puput of Probolinggo: People Centric Leadership

Mayor of the Month-april 2020

REGENT Mayor Puput Tantriana Sari of Probolinggo is now on her second term leading the city. Media recorded her achievements through at least 36 commendations that she received during her first term of leadership. People-centric leadership is keyword that reflects what have been done by the youngest lady mayor in Indonesia to the city and her local people.

One Village One Product Award

Motivated by a vision to develop local economy and make the city stand on its own, Mayor Puput modified One Village One Product (OVOP) practice commonly carried out by cities into an OVOP Award. The idea motivated villages and districts within Probolinggo to reflect on their potentials and develop them. Conducted annually, this award rewards local leaders who can show and develop their local products. This idea works very well; areas in Probolinggo are now known for its local products: Pajarakan with embroidery, Jambe with snacks, Krejengan with batik, Krucil with avocado and durian, and many others. To ensure that the vision is realised, Mayor Puput has also improved the distribution channels of those products, such as conducting market revitalisation. Two years after this programme is implemented, ten traditional markets were revitalised.  Moreover, this idea has also contributed to the reduction of poverty rate, from 23 percent in 2011 to 21 percent in 2014.

Musrenbang Information System Development

To ensure that local people’s aspirations are well accommodated, Mayor Puput developed the Musrenbang Information System (MIS). MIS is an application developed as channel to garner, record, and further accommodate the needs and ideas of local people. To ensure this technology is reachable, Mayor Puput formalised the establishment of local development planning facilitator team that is assigned to give guidance on annual musrenbang process, garner the inputs on process and result, as well as follow up the inputs received. Through this application, local people can also check documents of local work plan. In relation to the local needs, Mayor Puput has also engaged the private sector to help accommodate the aspirations of the local people through the development of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme which resulted in the establishment of CSR Communication Forum. This forum is independent as it is formalised through notary act, not local regulation, and has its own bylaws. To attract more and more private institutions to take part, Mayor Puput applies the transparency principle, opening up the programme and budget to private institutions so that they can see and fill the gap.

The leadership of Mayor Puput has proven that the key to becoming a good leader is to put local people at heart. Her leadership will inspire other leaders, regardless of gender.