Mayor Jasmin Angelli Maligaya-Bautista: A Woman with Substance Contributing to Society

MAYOR Jasmin Angelli Maligaya-Bautista is a Filipino politician who is currently serving as Mayor of Magallanes in Cavite Province, Philippines. She has contributed to the development of Magallanes through various programmes.

Infrastructure Development

Mayor Jasmine has realised that infrastructure development plays important role in the economic development of the area she is leading. This has motivated her to build several new infrastructures, including public market which is the centre of trade and business in the municipality of Magallanes, making it known as a “vegetable basket” in the Cavite Province.

Mayor Jasmine also built permanent rainwater catchments as a viable alternative water supply source located at Magallanes Town Hall and Local Disaster Risk Reduction Management (LDRRM) Evacuation Centre. She has also promoted the use of renewable energy, especially the sun by building solar panels in the city building.

In 2021, Cavite Province has also opened a new destination area, namely Buhay Forest, a green forest area in the Barangan Say Agustin highlands, 7.1 kilometres from Manila and a perfect place to communicate with nature amidst COVID-19. This area provides a playground, ground bird’s nest for photos and a 500 square meter picnic area covered with trees. Opening this eco-tourism place, Mayor Jasmin Maligaya-Bautista has made clear that under the local government’s camping and trailing regulations, hikers and tourists should not leave a trail of trash in the area.

Environment Programmes

Mayor Jasmin is also known for her concern on environment. She initiated TrashFormer, a programme to transform various kinds of plastic waste collected from school students into stationeries. There is also Basura Palit Bigas programme to optimise the recycling of residual waste through collection of plastic waste, such as sachets, junk food wrappers, and plastic bags by the community in exchange of rice.

In 2018, Mayor Jasmin also started the implementation of a priority health programme to create a smoke-free community based on Ordinance No. 011 S. 2018; Executive Order No. 38 S. 2018- Smoke-Free Task Force.

Achievements and Awards

Mayor Jasmin has also managed to lead Magallanes to receive a prestigious award. In 2020, Magallanes successfully received a Platinum Award in the Manila Bay Virtual Awards for the 2020 Local Government Unit (LGU) Compliance Assessment.

Mayor Jasmin’s success in leading Magallanes can serve as an example for many young people who want to contribute to the city, especially women. As she puts it, “You have to step up and not consider yourself that you are just a woman, but you are a woman with substance, and you can contribute to this society.”