Mayor Anna Reynolds of Hobart: Advocate of Goodness to the City and People

MAYOR Anna Reynolds is the third female voted to lead the city of Hobart, Australia. She has developed various initiatives to tackle challenges in the city, including housing, environment, climate, and many others. We recorded her works and initiatives below.

Leadership in challenging times. Mayor Anna Reynolds started leading the city in November 2018 (before finally being re-elected in 2022); making the pandemic strike dominating her leadership years. During the hard times, she developed initiatives to provide rate freezes, rent concessions, and community and business support worth $4.3 million in 2020 and 2021 to help and support the local people get through the pandemic. She also delivered a budget surplus in 2021 instead of a forecast deficit.

Collaborating and negotiating to provide Hobart with solutions to the challenges faced by the city. Her focus, among many, includes housing projects and public transportation. Under her leadership, all social and community housing project applications have been approved, supporting the much-needed affordable housing stock in Central Hobart. In encouraging more available public transport options for local people, she has made various negotiations with the State Government to invest more in Tasmania’s overall public transport budget, and further process is now going on. Mayor Anna also created a Greater Hobart Homelessness Alliance to secure additional funding for housing and homelessness facilities, including the Safe Night Space and established the Greater Hobart Mayors Forum to improve coordination and cooperation between the Metro City Councils.

Championing works supporting climate actions. Mayor Anna Reynolds has taken a policy leadership to divest Council funds out of banks with fossil fuel investments, declare a climate emergency, and support a net zero by 2030 target. She has also launched the Sustainable Hobart Action Plan and advocated for a bigger budget for fuel breaks, fire trails, and community education.