LEAD4SDGs: Multistakeholder Intervention to Rank SDGs and Build the Capacity

February 27-28, March 1, 2023 | Gwadar March 15-17, 2023 | Quetta: LEAD for SDGs organised dual Three-day Programmes for multi-stakeholder intervention to rank SDGs and to build the capacity of the newly elected Local Government Representatives of Balochistan on Legal, Financial and Administrative Authorities and Localisation of SDGs in Gwadar and Quetta. The sessions involved Consultation, Identification, and Prioritisation of Local Actions with financial support from the European Union and UCLG ASPAC. Members of provincial and district Alliances on SDGs participated in large numbers.

The first two days encompass training on responsibilities and powers under Balochistan Local Government Act 2010, Local Government Finance Commission, and other important topics.  Newly elected chairmen, and deputy chairmen of municipal committees, representatives of union councils from districts across Balochistan were oriented on the SDGs, localisation of SDGs, the inclusion of SDGs on priority in the Annual Development Plan, and the importance of prioritising the SDGs targets at the district level considering the provincial and national levels SDGs Framework.

On the third day, a detailed consultation was held with a focus group comprising development sector partners, members of the media, and local government associations. Priority of SDGs was identified at the district level considering the Balochistan Provincial Framework of the SDGs for Local Actions.

During the consultation, SDGs 3,4, and 6 were rated as the most considerate in Balochistan. It was observed that the areas of health, education, and clean water are suffering from corruption, irresponsible staff, and unnecessary construction of schools and hospitals without assessing demographics. It was stated that employees are not working in the areas where they are appointed, but on the contrary, prefer to work in big cities.  Another said that the use of Balochistan’s resources is not available to the people here nor clean water. The suggestions made in the sessions emphasised the restructuring of the SDGs Taskforce at the Provincial and District level and ensuring the involvement of Local Government representatives in the SDGs Taskforces. It was underlined that the Provincial Finance Commission should facilitate the flow of funds at the local level and Local Government representatives to accelerate development actions.