LEAD4SDGS: Capacity Building and Acceleration Efforts for SDGs Mainstreaming in Pakistan

30-31 March 2022 | Two-Day Provincial Training for Government Officials to Mainstream SDGs in Sindh

Local Councils Association Sindh implemented this two-day training session with the financial support of the European Union and the United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific under the Local Empowerment, Advocacy and Development (LEAD) for SDGs – Localisation in Pakistan Programme, funded by the EU and UCLG ASPAC. The training was arranged to build the capacity of the elected and non-elected local government officials from different districts of Sindh. The programme focuses on mainstreaming SDGs in local development planning, monitoring and reporting. Identical trainings will also be conducted in every district across Sindh.

Government officials from seven districts of Karachi, Thatta, Tando Mohammad Khan, and Jamshoro, from the departments of Local Government, Education, Health, Finance and Planning & Development actively participated in the training.

The discourse of training includes the background and context of SDGs along with detailed knowledge about the global agenda 2030 and National commitment towards the 2030 agenda. Participants performed the exercises regarding SDGs data collection, monitoring and reporting following the group activity for proposing actions to mainstream SDGs at the district level.

The suggestions came on the floor, regarding the formulation of task forces at the district level. These task forces shall align all the relevant policies, legislations, coordinations, ongoing developments and projects with the SDGs. In this regard, CSOs, academia, and research centres should support the government departments in achieving Agenda 2030.

The floor suggested, that adapting the habit of reporting SDGs prioritised activities in the Voluntary Sub-national Reviews is necessary.

The trainers tabled the proposed scope of future awareness activities for prioritised SDGs far and wide in Sindh. The team specifically mentioned that most of the time it is the issue of awareness and technical knowledge, as Government and Civil Society Organisations are working hard on different areas of SDGs, but they are unfamiliar with the mechanism of monitoring and reporting on SDGs.


7 April 2022 | Lead for SDGS Localisation in Pakistan Programme Conducts Quarterly Meeting of Provincial Alliance Balochistan

The meeting was organised to foster enabling environment for the local development of SDGs in Balochistan, under the LEAD for SDGs – Localisation in Pakistan Programme.

Stakeholders from different areas such as civil society organisations, private sector, academia, research institutions, bar associations, media, local council associations, community leaders, and representatives from district administration gathered to follow up on the last quarter and formulate the action plan for future course of activities related to policy advocacy, awareness, and capacity building regarding prioritised SDGs in Balochistan.

Mr Anwar shared with participants the drafted plan for Radio Awareness Campaign on SDGs across Balochistan. The Radio Awareness Campaign rundown is set on the necessary and untouched discussion areas carved out of prioritised SDGs for Balochistan.

The groups of participants formulated areas of work as per the SDGs provincial framework of Balochistan. Eight prioritised SDGs from Goal 1 to 7 and Goal 16 has been selected to guide the alliance. The groups utilised the open floor to present their proposal for a future action plan.

Participants of each meeting praised the unique initiatives arranged by the partner organisations of LCAB, EU and UCLG ASPAC under the LEAD for SDGs Localisation in Pakistan Programme.