Enlightening ASEAN through A.C.T., Addressing Challenges Together: A New Promising Motto for Cambodia’s ASEAN Chairmanship

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UCLG ASPAC, Secretariat of ASEAN Mayors Forum (AMF, entity accredited by ASEAN), is glad to welcome Cambodia as the new Chair of ASEAN, continuing the leadership torch from the previous successor, Brunei Darussalam, starting from October 2021. Looking at the Addressing Challenges Together motto as the new theme, UCLG ASPAC, under the AMF framework, is ready to contribute in enlivening the collaboration spirit as we have consistently done throughout our works.

ASEAN Mayors Forum (AMF), a local government network, has consistently served as a platform for discussions among ASEAN’s political leaders, national policy makers, international development partners and other experts. Since its initial establishment in 2011, AMF has been promoting sustainable peace, constructive co-operations, enhancing friendly relations, and providing a common ground for sustainable development:


The 1st ASEAN City Mayors Forum | Surabaya

Result: Surabaya Communique


Adaptive and Intelligent Cities for an Integrated Borderless Prosperous Region | Makassar

Result: Makassar Declaration


50 Years of ASEAN: Empowering Communities for a Stronger Region | Taguig

Result: Taguig Action Agenda

4) Building Sustainable and Smart Development in ASEAN Cities and Regions | Singapore

Driving Local Actions for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth | Bangkok

Result: AMF Declaration

ASEAN city and local government leaders have crucial roles in bridging their citizens and merging with the ACT goals to build a strong and inclusive ASEAN Community with the core spirit of ASEAN: One Vision, One Identity, and One Community. Therefore, strong coordination and cooperation among ASEAN, its stakeholders, and external partners become essential. In relation to this, AMF stands ready to support and contribute further.

With new leadership and togetherness spirit, we strongly believe that Cambodia will continue to rally support and togetherness to achieve the goal of building ASEAN Communities and meet ASEAN COMMUNITY VISION 2025.

Under the theme “ASEAN A.C.T.: Addressing Challenges Together,” we look forward to warmly welcoming the new chairmanship to Cambodia in 2022 for harmony, peace, and prosperity in the ASEAN region and cooperating further, particularly in the ASEAN Mayors Forum 2022.

ASEAN Mayors Forum has received an accreditation from ASEAN in 2018.