One of the session that take place in COP 26 was discussion on “Amplifying the voices of young people through film and the media | #COP26”. The session was held on 05 November 2021, and was aired live on youtube platform.

This interesting session moderated by Tarquin Ramsey that started the discussion with questions “With the internet and the technology that we have can we tackle the earth crisis? and why is young generation in the central of this issue?” These questions then followed by film presentation how a film created by young people can make differences, especially in tackling the earth crisis caused by climate change.

Bruno Sorrentino, a movie maker, 1st speaker on the session, explained that Rio Agreement had been a turning point for world leaders to give more attention related to earth crisis, and the effect caused by climate change needs an action and it is becoming real threat. This Rio agreement was then followed by other agreement, such as Tokyo Protocol, Paris Protocol. He added that vocalising nature problem by a movie has never been an easy project, the mainstream media has simplified the issue and sometimes make the issue as an ordinary daily problem.

Joerg Altekruse, a Founder Youth4Planet, 2nd speaker on the session, was presenting the video that his team created “Creative Velo”, two youngsters rode a bike from Luxemburg to Glasgow. This project was about a journey to COP, with real act, and create real outcome by transmitting the message into a film, and a call for action project. He explained that young generation has the chance to transfer the knowledge to others in solving problems caused by climate change projected by films.

Nick Launch, a founder of Insight Share, 3rd speaker, explained that he has different point of view, he wanted to give the point of view making the videos by the Indigenous people so that they can represent themselves and tell their own stories and their local problems. This is process what he calls as “decolonialise the media”. His aim is to engage more young people to share their local problems and find

In the end of the session, the moderator announced the winner of several categories for the creator of short movies related in handling the earth crisis – climate change, and one of the winner is from Indonesia, that won the most difficult category from 5 categories proposed. Ayu Kusuma Pertiwi, Prasetyo and Hafizah one of the winner on the Impact Category.

For the conclusion for this session, young generation are the generation that are mostly impacted by the earth crisis caused by climate change. With the technology that we have, young generations can make changes and call for action in tackling this issue by transmitting their message through films.


By KM Team.