UCLG ASPAC has been serving as the Secretariat of the Global Covenant of Mayor (GCoM) for Southeast Asia since 2018. It connects the commitment of partners with needs of its city network, particularly in climate matters. UCLG ASPAC ensures selected cities and partners reach their shared goals. Most importantly, UCLG ASPAC consistently cultivates possibilities to sustain the positive climate portfolio of cities and partners for greater and long-lasting climate impacts. Below are updates on how UCLG ASPAC plays the role.

Extending Assistance for Cities to Access City Climate Gap Fund
UCLG ASPAC IUC Asia Programme sees the opportunity for cities to sustain their efforts through the City Climate Gap Fund (CCFGF). Officially launched virtually on 23 September 2020, the City Climate Gap Fund (CCGF) is a collaborative effort of the Government of Luxembourg and Germany together with the GCoM to disseminate the opportunities to cities for low-carbon and resilient urban infrastructure programmes. At the launching that was attended by prominent leaders, Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini, President of UCLG ASPAC, highlighted the dual crises of COVID-19 and the climate emergency. She also added that the key success on climate deal is not about the usage of technology but more on strong partnership with community and key stakeholders and sound city planning through simple technology that works.

Granted to CCFGF, cities will obtain technical assistance needed so that they will be ready to tap in financing opportunities for their climate-related projects covering:

  • Capacity Building
    To enhance cities and local authorities’ capacity to mature high-quality project ideas to later–stage project preparation.
  • Pipeline-building for later-stage technical assistance
    To build a solid portfolio of project business cases for initiatives and institutions that focus on providing technical assistance for late-stage project preparation; and
  • Pipeline-building for investors
    To increase at scale pipelines of bankable projects.

Through the above technical assistance, cities will be able to take closer steps to realise their climate action plans and programmes. To ensure cities meet their climate ambition, UCLG ASPAC IUC Asia Programme has committed to assist cities to tap in this opportunity. Malang, Palembang, Hang Tuah Jaya, Penampang, and Muar will receive technical assistances to submit their applications for the City Climate Finance Gap Fund. Cities can apply for the CCGF here.

Extending Support to Pilot Cities on Project Financing
UCLG ASPAC is also planning to extend support to IUC Asia pilot cities, particularly in maturing local governments’ capacity in project financing under the Climate Resilience and Inclusive Cities (CRIC) Programme. As IUC Asia Programme is coming to a close, UCLG ASPAC sees the opportunity to sustain efforts of both cities and partners in relation to climate actions. Currently, the plan is entering the discussion phase with relevant partners. Additionally, UCLG ASPAC is also preparing to bring knowledge on Climate Action Plan (CAP) of IUC Asia Programme to a wider scope through development of CAP mini-module. Adapting materials from the IUC Asia Programme, UCLG ASPAC will open the opportunity for learning and even replication to other cities.