GUNSAN is the first city in Jeollabuk-do Province that starts vaccination. The city aims at inoculating more than 70% of its local people to ensure public health and safety. Gunsan Public Health Centre targets 1,790 citizens (aged under 65) getting vaccination until 5 April 2021. Local people can access vaccine at local public health centres and nursing facilities.

For smooth process, city of Gunsan applies grouping based on age and working place:

  • The #1 groups consist of employees aged 65 and over who work in high-risk facilities, inmates, and first response agents.
  • The #2 groups are those aged 50 to 64 working in medical facilities.
  • The #3 groups are adults aged 19 to 49 (planned in July 2021)

Establishment of Vaccine Action Committee

Gunsan city has collaborated with Gunsan Medical Association and established the COVID-19 Vaccination Implementation Promotion Committee to support medical personnel for large-scale vaccination.

The committee consists of six teams including the executive team, vaccine supply team, inoculation agency operation team, target management team, abnormal response management team, and support centre operation team.

Among the vaccines to be inoculated, private medical institutions are responsible for AstraZeneca and Jansen vaccines; while Pfizer and Moderna (which require ultra-high temperature freezers) are in the vaccination centre.

Maintaining Social Distance

The city will do its best to prevent community transmission and reduce damage and protect the health of citizens by securing collective immunity with prompt and safe vaccinations.