13 August 2021 | CITY solidarity is one of the concrete and important forms of collaboration during this pandemic. UCLG ASPAC is glad to see and facilitate the unwavering commitment of city leaders in responding to local needs. A collaborative response taken up by Fuzhou Municipal’s Government will surely contribute a positive impact to Nepalese members in their efforts to save local people.

Responding to the needs of medical supplies raised by the Nepalese members, Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government and the 21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee provided emergency assistance of medical supplies. Dhulikhel Municipality received two bilevel positive airway pressure units, five oxygen concentrators, 10 pulse oximeters, 500 medical disposable protective coveralls, and 30,000 disposable medical surgical masks. Kirtipur Municipality includes 10 oxygen concentrators, 500 medical disposable protective coveralls and 30,000 disposable medical surgical masks. Having gone through stages of procurement, production, customs declaration and transportation, the medical supplies successfully arrived in Nepal on 13 August 2021.


Receiving anti-epidemic medical supplies.


Since May 2021, under the severe influence of the global COVID-19 epidemic, Nepal saw a surge in confirmed cases and a shortage in medical supplies. On 13 August, boxes of materials with the slogan of “May Our Friendship be as Deep as the East China Sea and as Glorious as the Himalayas,” successfully arrived in Nepal. Witnessing the Committee and Fuzhou’s friendship of mutual support with Dhulikhel Municipality and Kirtipur Municipality, demonstrating the faith that solidarity will ultimately overcome the virus.

After receiving the supplies, Dhulikhel and Kirtipur expressed their gratitude to the Committee and Fuzhou in the form of letters and pictures. They believe that the help offered by Fuzhou in times of need embodies the spirit of mutual help. Mr. Ashok Kumar Byanju Shrestha, Mayor of Dhulikhel Municipality, who is also the President of UCLG ASPAC and the Municipal Association of Nepal, said, “Thank you so much for your kind support and of course our friendship will be as glorious as the Himalayas.” In addition to showing his gratitude to the Committee and Fuzhou, Mr. Ramesh Maharjan, Mayor of Kirtipur Municipality sent an appreciation plaque engraved with the heartfelt message of “May China-Nepal Friendship lasts from generation to generation.”

The virus knows no borders, so the fight against it requires unity. In the current context of huge pressure brought by the global epidemic, the people in Fuzhou and the two cities of Nepal have written a new chapter in China-Nepal friendship through sincere mutual help and applied the essence of ‘a Community of Shared Future for Mankind’ in concrete actions.

The appreciation plaque from Kirtipur Municipality, Nepal