Calling for Sponsorship on “Smart Cities toward Urban Safety” Seminar in Jakarta, 27-29 May 2015

WHY is this event considered as strategic and significant?

It is because there will be at least 9,000 delegates and trade buyers will congregate in INDO-WATER 2015 EXPO & FORUM.

This event will show case over 550 exhibitors from 33 countries on the latest solution and technologies for municipality water, sewerage and industrial waster water management.

Let’s join us to the Indo Water, Indo Waste, Indo Energy 2015: EXPO & FORUM and come in as a sponsor, as this would be a great fit and an outstanding  opportunity to raise your brand’s awareness.

Tips for Sponsorships

 Q: Why do we joint sponsorship to events?

A:  The event will provide new opportunity and networking for your company with the local governments from various countries in the area events.

Q: Who should attend the seminar?

A: An estimated of maximum 100 participant from representatives of  local and international, urban manager and local authorities, public utility companies, local governments, collaborating partners, NGOs and university students.

Q: Were we going to know about your business?

A:  We produce seminar kits, banner and other publication with your logo.

 Smart Cities towards Urban Safety

This seminar sponsorship campaign in designed with you, the customers in mind. We want to help you ensure your participation in seminar not only meets the goals you set but to provide you with so much more exposure, hence more than justifying your company’s presence at the show, each sponsored item or activity or event comes with specific target audience in mind and will help provide excellent pre-show  publicity, on site publicity and branding as well as prolonged exposure even after the show.

Smart City concept is nowadays becoming tools and good governance approach practices in providing sustainable urban development and improving transparancey and participation of the people. In line with challenges faced by cities and local governments in managing their rapid.

Development through the use of Smart Cities, the United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific (UCLG ASPAC) is organizing an international seminar on “Smart Cities toward Urban Safety” from 27-29 May 2015 in Jakarta.

The seminar will be held in conjuction with the Indo Water, Indo Waste, Indo Energy 2015 Expo and Forum.

Our commitment

UCLG  ASPAC  actively promotes the importance of sustainable urban development, protection of environment and conservation of natural resources. The organization supports measures in environmental improvement through good governance practices, technology transfer, and improved financing system.

Rapid and uncontrolled urbanization in most developing countries brings challenges and environmental degradation, polluted water resources, unmanaged urban solid waste, uncontrolled energy supply system and limited water supply.

High population in urban areas has also raised much more demands for better infrastructure that can be accessed safely.

While the complexity of the environment issues are intriguing and challenging,  a promising  strategy  to  improve  well-being  of  the  people  is through the use of Smart City approach.  A smart city concept indicates two  key elements, infrastructures and citizens as its users. Smart city makes cities more efficient. It also creates more effective urban system that capable of addressing contemporary urban challenges and problems.

A city that optimally uses IT system widely is expected to perform better in infrastructures and services, and at the same time to be able reduce costs and resources consumption.

A smart city possesses real time data, adapts quickly, and works efficiently.