World Leaders Conservation Forum in Jeju

THE IUCN World Conservation Congress, held in Jeju in 2012, initiated a series of high-level World Leaders’ Dialogues focused on critical environmental issues. Featuring leaders and experts from government, business, civil society, private sector and academia, these dialogues were one of the highlights of the IUCN Congress and the need for this type of event to be replicated was further cast in the Jeju Declaration signed at the Congress.

The World Leaders’ Conservation Forum will provide a platform for leaders from all sectors of society, including Governments, business, civil society and academia, to discuss and seek creative nature-based solutions to global environmental, economic, and social challenges.

Under the theme of ‘Nature: a path to peace and coexistence’, the World Leaders’ Conservation Forum 2015 is expected to inspire people around the world, to take concrete actions in favour of co-existence between human and nature, resilient ecosystems and sustainable development, and nature conservation and its role in peace-building.

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