WeGo and UCLG ASPAC Inked Cooperation to Promote Sustainable Urban Development

A cooperation agenda is inked between The World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments or popularly known as WeGo and UCLG ASPAC. Both parties have agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to share a common agenda to promote sustainable urban development.WeGo and UCLG ASPAC agreed to explore  collaboration in a wide range of programs, projects, and activities that are determined to be feasible and consistent with the guiding principles and organizational needs of both parties.

Cooperation will be performed in the fields of:

  • Capacity Building, mostly in the field of ICT,including training programs, seminars, study visits, and exchange programs. Both parties may also consider cooperation with training centers in connection with capacity building programs for their common members, such as in Jakarta or Seoul.
  • Knowledge Sharing such as co-organizing sessions for international conferences and programs, including, but not limited to Habitat III, DELGOSEA, the Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity.
  • Joint Projects for example a long-term collaborative program or research project for smart city development in the Asia Pacific Region such as Smart Global Cities Ranking, Smart Cities Alliance.
  • Funding for Joint Projects as both parties willidentify ways and help each other to leverage funding to create more programs for the Parties’ respective members. This can involve the submission of joint project proposals for receipt of grants.
  • Mutual Support by utilizing and leveraging a Party’s existing capacity, resources, network, and projects to mutual advantage and benefit. Both parties are also committed to endorse and promote each other’s activities and events, including WeGO’s General Assemblies and the WeGO Awards and UCLG ASPAC’s Congress, through promotional activities for the other Party’s activities/events and invitations to a Party’s own events.

This cooperation between WeGo and UCLG ASPAC is officially signed this mid September 2015  by Earl Burgos, representing WeGo from Seoul, and Bernadia I. Tjandradewi, UCLG ASPAC’s Secretary General.

WeGO, based in Seoul of the Republic of Korea, is an international cooperative body of cities and local governments worldwide that pursues sustainable development based on e-Government. WeGO’s mission is to discover and share information on good practices of e-Government; bridge the digital divide within and among cities; use ICT to advance openness and efficiency in public administration; and promote exchanges and cooperation between cities and other stakeholders.

UCLG ASPAC is the largest regional section of UCLG and serves as a key knowledge management hub on local government issues in the region. UCLG ASPAC promotes the policies and experiences of local governments in key areas such as poverty, sustainable development, and social inclusion. It engages in policy advocacy, capacity building and training, institutional development, and information and best practices sharing and replication.