Sejong City: Smart Living Information Service Tailored for Citizens, Delivered via a Single Login

Many cities around the globe are transitioning rapidly into smart cities, by building on the information and communication technologies of the 4th industrial revolution to address various issues caused by urbanisation such as limited resources and infrastructures, traffic congestion, energy shortages, and environmental deterioration.

Under the leadership of the central government, Sejong City also plans to build a smart city during the period from 2007 to 2030, to improve the quality of life of its citizens, enhance its urban competitiveness, and complete the nation’s administrative capital.

However, when the smart city infrastructure and facilities were first established, public services involving matters such as crime prevention, transportation, the environment, and culture were set up to be provided on an individual basis, and citizens had until recently suffered inconvenience in being forced to access each related website individually to utilise any of these services.

In light of this challenge, Sejong City has now established “Sejong N,” a location and map-based smart portal system that not only allows users to enjoy Sejong City’s information services concerning day-to-day life issues including crime prevention, transportation, the environment and culture, all via a single login, but also makes possible related citizen participation and two-way communication.

“Sejong N” currently offers urban living information in 86 different categories highly relevant to the everyday lives of citizens in Sejong City, such as traffic, safety, the environment, and tourism. It also provides 24/7 safety services through its mobile SOS security application, “Sejong Ansimi”.