Goyang City Boosts Specialised Libraries to Cater to Diverse Taste

Goyang City is undergoing a library revolution, catering to the varied interests of its residents with specialised themes across its public library network. Under the leadership of Mayor Donghwan Lee, the city is enhancing the operation of public libraries, focusing on themes like flowers, arts, local culture, and world picture books, among others. The initiative aims to elevate Goyang’s status as a city of literature and knowledge, fostering a culture of reading and learning. With 19 municipal libraries and over 100 smaller ones, Goyang boasts a robust library infrastructure.

Each specialised library offers unique programmes and resources tailored to its theme. For instance, Hwajeong Library is dedicated to flowers, while Aramnuri Library focuses on the arts. Meanwhile, Madu Library delves into local culture, and Juyeop Children’s Library specialises in world picture books.

Mayor Lee emphasised the city’s commitment to evolving as a hub of literary excellence, stating that through library differentiation, they aim to enhance competitiveness and enrich residents’ lives as cultural citizens.

The transformation extends beyond the thematic focus. Baekseok Library is transitioning into an English library, in line with the mayor’s campaign promises. Daehwa Library, on the other hand, is positioning itself as a hub for future industries, fostering innovation and creativity.

These efforts are part of a broader vision for Goyang’s cultural landscape, complemented by initiatives like the Goyang Book Fair. Last year’s fair was a resounding success, and this year’s edition promises even more diverse programmes and collaborations, showcasing the city’s vibrant literary scene.

With a plethora of programmes ranging from reading aloud sessions to urban sketching workshops, Goyang City’s libraries are becoming more than just repositories of books; they are vibrant community hubs fostering learning, creativity, and cultural exchange.