RIP Mayor H.Syahrul of Tanjung Pinang

UCLG ASPAC Secretariat express our deepest condolences to the city of Tanjung Pinang upon the loss of their humble and committed Mayor H. Syahrul on Tuesday, 28 April 2020 at 4.45PM (WIB).

Mayor H. Syahrul showed his commitment in accelerating sustainable development in Tanjung Pinang as he presented in the joint event of UCLG ASPAC – Hamamatsu city, International Summit on Intercity Collaboration conducted in October 2019.

Tanjung Pinang is one of target area of UCLG ASPAC LOCALISE SDGs programme, supported by the European Union. City of Tanjung Pinang also took part in the launching of Voluntary Local Review (VLR) of Hamamatsu City together with Mayor of Hamamatsu (Japan) and Mayor of Subang Jaya (Malaysia).