Regent Rahma of Tanjungpinang: Benefiting Local People, Giving Impact to National Level

REGENT Rahma of Tanjungpinang is the first female regent in Tanjungpinang Regency. Continuing the leadership of the late Regent Syahrul, Regent Rahma set the bar for female leadership in the regency. Her actions benefit the local people and give an impact even at the national level.    

Local inflation management 

Under the leadership of Regent Rahma, Tanjungpinang managed to keep its local inflation rate at 4.45 percent, while the national rate was 5.28 percent. The fact that Tanjungpinang Regency is not a producing area has made the achievement even more special. This effort has also received great appreciation from the Ministry of Home Affairs and made Tanjungpinang one of the national-level models for managing local inflation. Asked about the strategy applied, strengthening the local economy, collaborating with other (producing) areas, and developing programmes that stimulate economic independence are some points presented by Regent Rahma.     

Supporting Local Enterprises for Economic Recovery and Development  

Regent Rahma is popular among local people for her support of local enterprises. Her local people called her “Walikota Dandang dan Kuali” (Regent who gave cooking utensils to local people). One of the local media recorded a statement from local people saying that “Among many Regents of Tanjungpinang, only Regent Rahma gives support to the people.” Media also noted various assistance given by Regent Rahma, including sewing machines, coffee machines, and various other supporting tools.    

Lobbying Funding Support for Infrastructure Development   

To ensure the development of infrastructure, Regent Rahma also lobbied the House of Representatives. The result is an agreement that in 2024, Tanjungpinang will receive support (50 percent of the total) from the State Budget to develop its infrastructure.    

Regent Rahma was initially the vice mayor of the late Regent Syahrul. Although her leadership is a continuation of the late regent, she sets the bar of what female leadership is.