Regent Kasmarni of Bengkalis: Top Notch Performance for Local People

REGENT Kasmarni of Bengkalis is the first female leader of Bengkalis Regency. Her dedication and leadership are outstanding as shown by the various acknowledgement that she received from many different institutions. Below are some of them.

In 2023, Regent Kasmarni of Bengkalis received an award from the Indonesian Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration for her efforts in the acceleration of village development in her area.

In 2023, Regent Kasmarni also received the Meritocracy Award, an appreciation given by the State Apparatus Commission for an institution that successfully applies a merit system, from the application of the state civil service system based on qualification, competence, and transparency with no discrimination.

Appreciation was also given by the Head of the Regional Office, Employees Social Security Programme, for her concern in ensuring the safety of vulnerable workers in Bengkalis Regency and making it a priority programme. Regent Kasmarni mentioned that the workers’ safety programme is the regency’s priority as part of the efforts to improve local welfare and create a sense of security for vulnerable workers. The media also noted how Regent Kasmarni made efforts to enhance the skills of workers through the conduct of various capacity-building and training activities.

Her efforts in mitigating the transmission of yaws in Bengkalis were also acknowledged by the Ministry of Health of Indonesia. Under her leadership, Bengkalis Regency was considered one of the few regencies that managed to suppress transmission of yaws into becoming a public health problem. The award was given to her by the Minister of Health Mr. Budi Gunadi Sadikin in March 2024.