Nunukan: Transformation for Better Services to Local People

Mayor Asmin Laura Hafid of Nunukan (North Kalimantan, Indonesia) was inaugurated on 1 June 2016. From that moment on, Mayor Laura has initiated a series of transformational actions aimed to provide better services for local people and improve the city’s welfare.

Reopening of Nunukan-Surabaya Route

Marine route Nunukan-Surabaya was closed in 2013 due to economical consideration since not many business activities had been conducted. However, local people of Nunukan Regency foresaw an increasing growth of seaweed business as well as trade of basic commodities. The area has then been revived for trades on goods for their basic needs, also in order for the city to become less dependent on supplies from Malaysia.

Appreciating Local Delicacy for Food Independence

Recognising her city’s potential, Mayor Laura has set a goal to make Nunukan become more self-reliance on food. To realise this goal, she has launched the efforts to promote local people’s appreciation to their local food, in order to reduce the supply outside Nunukan to meet their needs. Mayor Laura introduced local food cooking competition, which could help drive growth on local food trade, support local food entrepreneurs, and at the same time enable new culinary entrepreneurs to thrive.

Supporting Local Entrepreneurs

Mayor Laura has also focused her work on supporting local entrepreneur development. Facing limited local budget, Mayor Laura has tried her best to bring in national government’s support in building local entrepreneurs’ capacity as well as supplying equipment. In May 2017, 20 entrepreneurs categorised as small and medium enterprises for local snacks participated in the capacity building activity conducted by the Ministry of Cooperative and Small and Medium Enterprises as well as received equipment to support their development.