Mayor Viandrei Cuevas of Palayan City: Digitalisation, Local Economy, and Good Financial Governance

MAYOR Viandrei Nicole “Vianne” J. Cuevas is leading Palayan City, the capital of Nueva Ecija.  Palayan, recorded as one of the least populated areas in the Philippines, saw remarkable progress and transformation in the city under the leadership of Mayor Viandrei Cuevas.  Priorities are laid in the areas of digitalisation, local economy, as well as good financial management.

Under the leadership of Mayor Vianne, Palayan City has embraced transformation in digitalisation, reflected by its successful launch of the Integrated Business Permit and Licensing System (IBPLS).  IBPLS is recorded as a tremendous achievement in streamlining the city’s business operations and has revolutionised the process of getting permits and licenses, making the process more efficient and favourable for entrepreneurs.  The progress in digitalisation has also embraced inclusivity as local community in Palayan received the Digital Literacy Training Programme.  The programme supported beneficiaries with skills in internet usage, online safety, and basic computer skills.

Mayor Vianne also implements the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE’s) Livelihood Assistance, an initiative to improve the quality of life of local people and to create sustainable livelihood opportunities.  The city’s website has recorded that nine households were selected to receive the support, enabling them to start their small businesses.  Support given includes various livelihood kits, such as store kits, vegetable vending kits, egg and rice retailing kits, home and cleaning supplies, and backyard goat-raising agribusiness kits.  This empowers families to generate income through their businesses.

Under the leadership of Mayor Vianne, Palayan City also receives recognition from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) of the Philippines for the good financial governance of the city. The award highlights transparency and accountability in managing the local government unit’s budget for impactful programmes and initiatives.