Mayor Judy Amante of Cabadbaran: From Unusual Journey to Dedication to People

Mayor Judy Chin Amante of Cabadbaran went through an unusual journey toward her leadership position today. Having a passion for business, serving local people as a city leader “was beyond her wildest dreams.”  However, she made it to the top position of Cabadbaran, challenging the incumbent mayor with a win by a landslide. Lucky? Well, keep your score and join us to see how Mayor Judy tackles the challenges faced once she takes on the leadership mantle.

Mayor Judy puts farmers and their welfare as her priority. In March 2021, she decided to extend the ‘zero interest’ loan to the farmers group. Beneficiaries of the ‘zero interest loan’ are members of the Federation of Cabadbaran Irrigators and Farmers Association. “This is the city’s way of discouraging local farmers from falling as helpless prey to loan shark financiers who take advantage of their need for capital,” Mayor Amante said. Mayor Judy also opened a one-hectare demonstration farm to help boost vegetable production, once she saw a challenge for local farmers to produce more due to the entry of a big shopping mall in the city. Besides, the city also has a comprehensive programme for senior citizens. According to Mayor Judy, it represents the city’s token of gratitude to its senior citizens. Included in the programme are free daily vitamins, a quarterly birthday party, and Localised Milestone Award for Centenarians (providing Php20,000 when they reach 86 years old, Php30,000 when they reach 90, and the remaining Php50,000 when they reach 100 years old). “In our city, we have always been believers that we can only be successful in the future if we know how to express our gratitude to our past (referring to senior citizens),” Mayor Judy said.

Mayor Judy acknowledges the difficulties and challenges associated with being a Mayor, from constant public scrutiny, and limited resources, to continuously increasing needs of the people. However, she testifies that the leadership position gives her “the opportunity to change people’s lives, give solutions to their problems, provide them with their needs”. Indeed! And we couldn’t agree more!