Mayor Arlene B. Arcillas of Santa Rosa: Serve People Where Her Heart Belongs

MAYOR Arlene Bawan Arcillas Nazareno of Santa Rosa, Philippines, has led the city since 2019. Her leadership in the city of Santa Rosa is not new as she took the role first time in 2007 lasting until 2016. Her stewardship of the city has been well formulated in her various programmes and her success is reflected in many awards that she received.

In her first term, Mayor Arlene built her administration on what she called the four pillars of development: Pillar of Knowledge and Skills for the Youth and Women; Pillar of Clean Environment and Healthy Lifestyle; Pillar of Livelihood and Job Generation; and Pillar of Peaceful and Orderly Communities. She believed those are major sectors that local governance needs to address and will ensure responsiveness, pro-activeness, inclusiveness, and participation. She also boosted the city’s revenue and increased efficiency in revenue collection. It is recorded that by the end of her first year in office, the city of Santa Rosa recorded its income at PhP 1 billion (approximately USD 17.753.790), putting the city on par with major cities like Metro Manila.

In her current term, she continues to serve local people. One of the highlights of her works is making the city greener. As Santa Rosa has moved towards industrialisation, with more and more business establishments and local and international companies making the city their home, Mayor Arlene stands firm with the commitment to not compromise the city’s environment. One of the efforts is implementing the Santa Rosa River Greenway, a city project that promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing a safer walking environment and beautiful landscape. This project enhances the commitment of Mayor Arlene to maintain a balance between economic development and the protection of the environment.

The works of Mayor Arlene have also long been recognised by various parties. Mayor Arlene received the Seal of Good Housekeeping from the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) of the Philippines, the Blue Ribbon Certification from the Office of the Ombudsman, the Most Inspiring Public Servant and Pandemic Hero of the Year Award by the 4th Asia Pacific Luminaire Awards, and the most prestigious one, Presidential Lingkod Bayan Award in 2011, the highest award given in Philippines through the Civil Service Commission and the Office of the President of the Republic. Mayor Arlene was the first city mayor to receive such honour.


Photo: Wikipedia