1. Background
    United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC) is one of the eight Regional Sections of the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) which its Secretariat is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. UCLG is the largest local government organization in the world and the officially recognized voice of Local Government by the United Nations. The Asia Pacific region is the biggest of the eight sections in UCLG with linkages to more than 7,000 local governments. It represents well over 3.76 billion people – more than half of the world population. UCLG ASPAC is the knowledge management hub on local government issues in the Asia-Pacific region. It promotes democratic local government, supports cooperation between cities and their associations, and facilities programs, networks and partnerships to develop the capacity of local governments and the associations.In attempt to enhance the performance of UCLG ASPAC Secretariat, the Internship Programme is established. The programme is intended to deliver professional development opportunities for university student to acquire new skills and experiences through participating in UCLG ASPAC activities. The Internship Programme features on-the-job capacity building and learning at the Secretariat.

  2. Objective
    The main objective of the Internship Programme is to provide professional exposure of students or fresh graduates through involvement in the programmes and activities of UCLG ASPAC. The Interns also will be able to develop expertise in the application of theory from their background to the practical issue of local governance and other relevant thematic works of UCLG ASPAC. It is expected that the Interns can obtain in-depth knowledge of the UCLG ASPAC Secretariat functional activities and the issue of local governance as the result of the internship period. The intern will be posted under the CRIC Project within UCLG ASPAC.CRIC Project
    CRIC (Climate Resilience and Inclusive City) is a 5 (five) year project funded by the European Union (EU) and carried out by United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC) in partnership with international development partners from Europe (ACR+, Ecolise, Pilot4Dev, Universite Gustave Eiffel and Asia (All India Institute of Local Self-Government). CRIC is a unique cooperation between cities, officials, civil society organizations and academics towards resilient and inclusive cities.The project aims at bringing efficient and sustainable impacts to the target groups to develop climate resilience and inclusive cities. The project promotes a multi-stakeholder, and a multi-sectoral approach considering the questions of good governance climate adaptation, inclusiveness and resilience to disaster.
  3. Roles and Responsibilities
    The Interns shall be engaged in these following responsibilities but not limited to:

    • Support cities’ engagement for the implementation of CRIC project activities;
    • Develop monitoring template and assist for the monitoring of pilot cities’ status;
    • Develop knowledge platform, populate learnings and best practices from 10 pilot cities;
    • Asist CRIC workshops, seminars, FGD, or conferences (in-person or online) and develop post- activities report for the activity;
    • Develop communication materials relevant to CRIC activities
  4. Duration of Internship and Outcome
    The internship shall be conducted in 3 (three) months with possibility of extension. The individual will be supervised by the CRIC Project Coordinator with overall supervision by Regional Project Manager UCLG ASPAC. The intern will deliver presentation and final report detailing the intern’s experience and work assigned during the period of internship.

  5. Completion of Internship
    Upon completion of internship and a satisfactory conclusion, the Interns will receive a Certificate of Service signed by the Secretary General of UCLG ASPAC.

  6. How to apply
    The internship is open the whole year until December 2024. Please send your application to: copy to