Video Editor for UCLG ASPAC and it’s programme/projects activities


The United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC) is an Asia-Pacific alliance of cities and local governments. It is UCLG’s largest regional section, with connections to over 10,000 cities and local governments. UCLG ASPAC has more than 24 national associations of local governments are available in the region. As the largest part of the cities and local governments association, UCLG ASPAC is a strong supporter of climate resilience, advocating for local climate commitments and initiatives. UCLG ASPAC has been encouraging cities and local leader to combat climate change through its flagship programmes.

UCLG ASPAC has various roles in promoting cities and local governments’ activities through several programmes/projects. In order to promote its activities, UCLG ASPAC and it’s programmes/projects require communication tools, such as flyers, brochures, newsletters, and video.

This video can be an excellent tool for making, obtaining, reporting, sharing, and offering valuable information on the activities that had been organized by UCLG ASPAC and its programmes/projects.

This video is expected to be an efficient media/communication to deliver UCLG ASPAC vision and mission and to expand the name of the organization.

Therefore, UCLG ASPAC is in search of an experienced  Video Editor who will be responsible for editing photos and producing videos from raw footage for external and internal purposed. This position holder should ensure that the final products are appropriate for broadcasting the message on online platforms to support UCLG ASPAC Secretariat office activities and its various programmes.


  • To design an attractive video of UCLG ASPAC and its programmes/projects activities and produce audio-visual documentation which gives useful information, education and communication material as well provide a filler promotion video during UCLG ASPAC events.

The duties of Video Editor:

The video editor will work with text, images, and videos on screens, ensuring that these elements are balanced and viewable. They will need to carefully consider the composition of the elements, including font sizes, styling, spacing and image size, position to create a clear flow of information for the viewers, and the video editing materials. The designer will also need to create:

1.        Videos and illustrations to help deliver the UCLG ASPAC activities.

2.        Capture high-quality photographs and videos

3.        Trim Footage segments and combine the sequence of the video

4.        Make an overall video brand messaging strategy

5.        Prepare rough and final cuts for the videos

6.        Design background and back sound, including a selection of colours, images, video, and narration by inputting effect graphics, dialogues, and music into the videos to make them more visually appealing. Insert music and necessary sound effects to the video clips

7.        Incorporate changes recommended by UCLG ASPAC.

8.        Include subtitles in the video so that it will be inclusive.

9.        Review designs and videos for errors before displaying them.

10.    Design generated by the video editor will be used for the publications, following approval from KM Team, and UCLG ASPAC Secretary-General.

11.    The video editor will need to produce an appealing concept as requested and needed by UCLG ASPAC secretariat, based on its projects/programmes.

Specification :

The video editor consultant is required to have:

1.       At least a bachelor’s degree and 3 years experienced individuals in graphic design, visual art or video editor

2.       High level of familiarity with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere as well as video editor management.

3.       Demonstrated good composition and content to ensure the video are balanced and worked smoothly

4.       Demonstrated good storyline skills to effectively use font sizes and styles to affect the way viewers engage with information.

5.       Demonstrated good drawing, drafting, animating, and editing skills to create climate change videos.

6.       Demonstrated good communication, image and text editing skills and translating it to a video – as they will need to closely work with GCoM-GRC secretariat, Resilience & DRR, and KM Team, and thus needed to effectively communicate ideas, questions, and suggestions. They should also be able to edit captions, adjust photos and videos, or alter sounds to make these elements fit the video, and be able to effectively make changes to the video

7.       Work effectively with UCLG ASPAC Team members

Contract Periode

The contract will be available for one (1) year.

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