Goyang City: Facilitate the Social Integration of Its Citizens

Goyang City, South Korea, has intensified its commitment to community self-reliance and inclusivity by supporting initiatives aimed at integrating slow learners into society. Among the notable projects is the “E-ru-da Youth Group,” a collective of young slow learners that garnered the “Best Village Award” at the Gyeonggi Village Community Festival for their innovative community involvement. These initiatives highlight Goyang City’s approach to fostering self-reliance and social integration through community activities.

Central to Goyang’s efforts is the support for “The Dream of Snail,” a cafe operated by young slow learners, showcasing their capabilities and contribution to local tourism through the development of unique local products like the “Goyang Rose Beverage.” This initiative not only promotes Goyang’s specialties but also empowers young slow learners by providing them a platform to engage with and contribute to their community.

Goyang City’s strategy includes expanding financial support for village communities, with a significant budget allocation aimed at nurturing new community initiatives. This funding supports projects that encourage self-reliance among slow learners, enabling them to undertake meaningful roles within their communities. The “E-ru-da Youth Group,” for instance, has been instrumental in developing and marketing local products, thereby enhancing their self-esteem and practical skills. The city’s support for slow learners addresses a critical gap in social welfare, acknowledging the challenges faced by individuals with borderline intelligence. By offering vocational training and community engagement opportunities, Goyang City aims to reduce the welfare blind spot for slow learners, promoting an inclusive society where everyone has the chance to contribute.

Mayor Lee Dong-hwan emphasises the importance of community activities in facilitating the social integration of slow learners, reflecting Goyang City’s commitment to building an inclusive, supportive community. Through these initiatives, Goyang City sets a precedent for local governance, demonstrating how targeted support and community engagement can lead to meaningful social inclusion and empowerment.

Goyang will be hosting the 2025 UCLG ASPAC Congress. We invite cities, local governments, and partners to visit Goyang and attend the Congress.