Andong: Invitation to Join World Humanistic Cities Network

In the face of challenges such as materialism, polarisation, and environmental pollution, Andong has been sharing visions and exploring alternatives with people worldwide to restore humanity. Andong City is planning to establish a platform called the World Humanistic Cities Network (WHCN) to achieve sustainable development and world peace by promoting humanistic values.

The journey began in November 2023. Participants at the International Humanistic City Conference of the “21st Century Human Values Forum” unanimously agreed to spread humanistic values by establishing a global platform. Building upon this consensus, Andong City has disseminated the founding statement for the WHCN to cities around the world, receiving substantial support. With this backing, Andong City will launch the World Humanistic Cities Network at the “21st Century Human Values Forum” this year. To achieve this, Andong City needs the help of members of UCLG ASPAC.

Why Andong should lead the establishment of WHCN? The City has been hosting the “21st Century Human Values Forum” since 2014. During this forum, participants from diverse cities explore humanistic principles and values that resonate globally, exchanging experiences and insights. Through WHCN, leaders and scholars around the world may share their experiences, and Andong will serve as the Humanistic Agora. As technology advances, people often overlook the most important aspect—humanity. Exploring human nature is truly humanistic, and Andong aspires to become a stronghold of this spirit. Please join Andong City by signing a letter of endorsement. The link to the endorsement letter is “endorsement letter.” For details about “the 21st Century Human Values Forum” and WHCN, please contact: “”.