Fire Fighting Management: Reaping the Result, Expanding the Reach

As one of the most disaster-prone regions, building city resilience is one of the priorities in Asia and the Pacific. Once resilience is enhanced, cities can also better pursue sustainable development and ensure that the outcomes will be protected in the future. UCLG ASPAC has been working with members and partners to enhance local governments’ capacity in this area. In 2018, UCLG ASPAC, in close collaboration with Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and supported by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Indonesia (MoHA), jointly conducted training activities to enhance the capacity of local governments of seven cities in Indonesia on fire management. To capitalise on these fruitful outcome, UCLG ASPAC and SMG will further continue our collaborative efforts and expand the activities to other countries: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

India Fire Management Training

In partnership with All India Institute of Local Self-Government (AIILSG) and City of Bhopal (India), UCLG ASPAC hosted the fire training event for local governments. Participated by Bhopal and Indore city, the training aimed at giving access to more advanced knowledge on firefighting and first aid practices. Through training and sharing of experience, representatives of cities learned how to develop effective disaster preparedness, which include their response capacity. The training also stimulated discussion on other relevant issues, especially at policy and strategic levels. The activity also provided citizens with platform to raise awareness on disaster occurrence, and learn how to preliminary respond.

The training programme, design and deliveries are led by Mr. Youm Mooyoul, Secondee of UCLG ASPAC from Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG). Mr. Mooyoul also has extensive experience working with cities in Indonesia and is now preparing to extend the training to other cities including in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Award for Active Participation in Building Capacity of Indonesian Fire Management

In recognisation of UCLG ASPAC’s contribution to Indonesia’s efforts in this regard, MoHA presented UCLG ASPAC an award to express its appreciation to UCLG ASPAC’s work and commitment during the 100th Anniversary of Indonesian Firefighters, organised during the National Work Meeting of Indonesian Fire Extinguishers in Pekanbaru, during 5-6 March 2016. The event was opened by Mayor Firdaus of Pekanbaru, and attended by distinguished representatives of MoHA, Vice Governor of Riau Province as well as Ms. Indrarini Tenrisau, Advisor of UCLG ASPAC.