Zhengzhou City, China

During the Council Meeting 2021, Zhengzhou City has expressed its strong intention to still host the face-to-face 2021 UCLG ASPAC CONGRESS in September 2021.

Zhengzhou City, the capital of Centra China Henan’s Province, with a GDP US$ 149,2 billion reported in 2018, per capita GDP of 100.000 Yuan. The city is populated by more than 10 million citizens, it is known as the place for the biggest IPhone’s factory, and as the world’s largest producer of passenger cars.

In the future Zhengzhou City will lead the formation of a city cluster in Central China.

Daejeon City, Corea

Daejeon City during the Council Meeting 2021, declared their commitment to host the upcoming UCLG ASPAC Council Meeting 2022 in conjunction with UCLG Congress in 2022.

Daejeon is the safest city in Korea, a home for 1,4 million citizens, center of a state administration, a leading city for the fourth industrial evolution. It offers an optimum convention infrastructure. Several international conferences had been held in Daejeon and makes it capable in organising such a world class convention.