Dr. Bernadia Irawati Tjandradewi, Secretary General of UCLG ASPAC states her support on the establishment of Humanitarian Development Peace (HDP) Nexus for Local Governments in Asia Pacific Region.

“UCLG ASPAC stands with Gyeonggi Province that local governments in Asia-Pacific should gather together and start to exchange ideas on ways to incorporate HDP Nexus into their next ODA projects.”

The idea was initiated by Gyeonggi International Peace Center and supported by Gyeonggi Province Government.

The Asia and Pacific is the largest regional section of UCLG that connects more than 10,000 local governments, including Gyeonggi provincial government.

This represents over 3.76 billion people, making up more than half of the world’s population.

One of main goals of UCLG ASPAC is to promote strong and effective democratic local self-government by fostering unity and cooperation among members.

There are three crucial positive implications of this initiative:

First, the implementation of HDP Nexus Committee will motivate the local government members in the Asia-Pacific region to exchange knowledge and information on bilateral and multilateral ODA.

This is vitally needed if we, as local governments, are to keep pace with the fast moving and increased duration of emergencies around the world.

And in order to be more prepared, the members, local governments should actively share lessons-learnt and find best practices; that way, all members can cooperate more efficiently whenever needed.

Second, building HDP Nexus Committee as a local government level platform in the AP region will prompt the leader of each member local government and all key stakeholders to commit more seriously and play an active role in tackling urgent global challenges such as disaster, climate change, international conflicts, and many other humanitarian crises.

This will not only help strengthen the capacity of each actor but also bring us practical results which address urgent global challenges across the HDP Nexus.

Last, but not least, it is pointed out that Gyeonggi provincial government’s initiative closely aligns with UCLG ASPAC’s view on the role of local governments towards achieving SDGs.

UCLG ASPAC expects to see the HDP Nexus Committee taking the lead and providing guidance on how to enable the effective, efficient and transparent mobilization and use of resources.

In the closing statement, Dr. Bernadia underlined about the five zero vision that are in line with HDP Nexus:

  1. Zero inequalities. I envision a human-oriented Asia-Pacific that considers the rights of all, including women, children and youth.
  2. Zero poverty. A society where everyone has a home and food on their tables is something that we all want to see. No one should be living in slums and on a hand-to-mouth existence.
  3. Zero crime, violence, disaster and accident. We want a safe environment, especially for women, children and less privileged people, free from conflict and disaster risk. We want peace and stability.
  4. Zero greenhouse gas emissions and zero pollution. Every human being, in fact, every living being, has the right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and live in a clean environment.
  5. Last zero is zero intolerance and zero discrimination. Even with different faiths and beliefs, we must show respect to earn respect. We are all equal human beings.

If the initiative is done successfully, it will become our own set of best practices to share with the international community as a whole.

Original source by: Dr. Bernadia Irawati Tjandradewi

Edited by: KM Team