RESPONDING to the global climate change crisis, city of Gunsan announced its ambition to run renewable energy programmes together with people in 2021. Gunsan also sets plan to promote various policies and development projects on Saemangeum more systematically to ensure public are well informed.

1. Citizen-Participated Renewable Energy Generation Programme

City of Gunsan involves local unions, consisting of local people, in the programme implementation. The city lets local people lead the set-up of power generation facilities. Further, the city will also share profits of running energy facilities to the association.

Benefit: This method allows residents’ opinions reflected on power generation businesses. Further, it also secures residents’ acceptability. Previously, residents had a strong negative perception on the installation of power generation facilities due to construction noise and environmental damage.

2. International Exposition on Renewable Energy

To raise public awareness, understanding, and interest in the renewable energy area, city of Gunsan plans to hold an international exhibition on renewable energy in October this year. It is an opportunity to promote renewable energy projects and to establish a venue for knowledge exchanges to raise awareness in the region. City of Gunsan also sees this as an opportunity to promote the city as a leader in renewable energy.

To overcome the climate change crisis, city of Gunsan pursues diverse and sustainable energy policies. To make a flexible transition to a carbon-neutral era, Gunsan plays a role as a leading city in Saemangeum, the centre of carbon neutrality and the Korean-style Green New Deal.

Farms of floating solar panels