Mayor Ramdhan Pomanto of Makassar (Indonesia) has envisaged that one day the city of 175.77 square kilometres will be a world class city. This ambitious goal has, then, been translated into various innovative programmes funded by local budget. One of the prominent initiatives is Dottoratta, local language for ‘our doctor,’ a programme in health sector developed based on challenges faced by local people in getting public health access.

Health sector is one of the challenges faced by local government of the city. In fact, there are many health problems revealed only after published by media. The lack of access to public health services and the lack of people awareness to report their health condition made up the cause. In addition, as most local people live in remote areas, patients are usually in critical stage when they can finally reach the treatment.

Dottoratta, a programme formally executed in April 2014, is a statement from local government of Makassar that now local people have got a much improved and better access to public health service. Dottoratta programme brings medical staff (comprising doctors, nurses, physical therapist or speech pathologist) to patients’ house to give health treatment. An average of 10-20 cases/month are handled, from minor ailments such as hives up to severe cases such as psychiatric disorders, post-chemotherapy treatment, tuberculosis, and many others. Whenever the team cannot handle the case themselves, Dottoratta team will refer to the nearest hospital. Dottoratta also applies integrated health concept. Patients not only receive treatment, but their family members also receive basic education/training on healthy living, such as house cleaning, healthy and clean behaviours, and appropriate home ventilation, which will further support the improvement of healthy living.

Dottoratta can be reached at call centre 112 and available 24/7. In addition, to detect unreported cases, Dottoratta is scheduled to operate in urban village’s health centres in the city. Dottoratta programme has reached 19,303 local people in 15 sub-districts with community health centre as the main implementer. This programme has been supervised by Makassar’s local health agency, and financed by city budget.

With the application of Dottoratta programme, health service in Makassar is now for everyone. In the long run, this particular program will significantly contribute to the improvement of local people’s health. It will surely support the city’s ambition to become one of world class cities.

Makassar is the capital of South Sulawesi province, an active participant of training activities organised by LOCALISE SDGs project of UCLG ASPAC funded by the European Union. UCLG ASPAC highly supports the positive initiative and congratulates city of Makassar for the breakthrough!