Dear Members,

We would like to thank  everyone most sincerely for attending the Executive Bureau Meeting in Hamamatsu. The participation of each one of you is very important for the UCLG ASPAC cause.

For the Executive Bureau Meeting of UCLG ASPAC, a total of 57 members participated-a most commendable turn-out.

For the International Conference, the total was  244 participants, from 11 countries and regions, with 77 people from overseas.

We are also very pleased to announce that three medals were awarded at the event in Hamamatsu.

Two Medals of Merit have been assigned:

  • Mayor Yasutomo Suzuki, as the host of the Executive Bureau and special conference meetings.
  • Mayor Dr. Felicity-Ann Lewis, who will soon end her term as Co-President responsible for  Statutory Affairs, as well as retiring from her position as President of the Australian Local Government Association.

One Medal of Honour has also been assigned:

  • Dr. Jatin Modi, on fulfilling  his term of President of UCLG ASPAC and for his many years as an Executive Bureau member and longstanding co-President within IULA-ASPAC and UCLG -ASPAC and host of many meetings in India.

(We thank Guangzhou City Government for sponsoring the Medals for UCLG ASPAC.)

See you all at the UCLG ASPAC Congress in Taipei.