Connected City Summit: Open for Registration

The UCGL Committee of Digital and Knowledge-based Cities -chaired by the City of Bilbao– and the Wireless Broadband Alliance have signed an agreement to work closely together on the development of Connected City initiatives. The first initiative in the framework of this collaboration is the “CONNECTED CITY SUMMIT” which will take place on the 28th June 2016 in Liverpool (UK), as part of the WBA Wifi Global Congress at the International Festival for Business 2016 and with the support of the City of Liverpool and its Mayor.

The Connected City Summit aims to develop, share and promote thought leadership and practical frameworks for the social and economic development and sustainable operation of the Connected City ecosystem for the long term benefit of all stakeholders.

The Connected City Summit expects to gather over 100 cities representatives including founding members of the WBA Connected City Advisory Board, New York, San Francisco, New Delhi and San Jose. The Summit will also provide you the opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities in your own cities, as well as hear the latest developments from global leaders in wireless and SMART technology.


1. Promote the development of Connected City plans and blueprints, creation of public-private ecosystems and collaboration mechanisms for resource contributions and shared risks and rewards/incentives.

2. Create an environment for City Managers and CIOs to knowledge-exchange and create best practices with their counterparts in other cities. Discuss ways to optimize technology delivery in the most practical manner possible to deliver the greatest societal benefit, to account for privacy and security concerns and to determine the best way to leverage public/private partnerships.

3. Recognize and disseminate information about the best practices, challenges and opportunities in the development and execution of Connected City plans.


  • Mayors
  • City Managers
  • CIOs
  • Senior city officials
  • Heads of the Innovation and ICT City Department

Registration to the Connected City Summit for UCLG members has no cost

For more detail information and the registration, you can check by this link