Cities in Asia and Pacific at Risk

The Asia and Pacific Region, in particular, is highly prone to disaster risks. At the same time, the region is home to around 60% of the world population. In this context, disaster risk reduction is of especial importance in order to protect citizens and to reduce their vulnerability Read More..

Sanitation, Advocacy, and People in Bangladesh

UCLG ASPAC’s work under “Municipalities Network Policy Advocacy on Sanitation in South Asia” is progressing in both Bangladesh and Nepal. As City Wide Inclusive Sanitation Workshop activity completed in both countries, we spent some time to discuss further with Md Abdul Baten Read More..

5th ASEAN Mayors Forum

Specifically, the 5th AMF will aim at Driving Local Actions for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth to support ASEAN’s efforts to accelerate SDGs achievements while ensuring effective management of urbanisation, protecting environment and inclusive growth Read More..



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