UCLG ASPAC Participation in the 2nd National Urban Forum Indonesia

October 19, 2023 | UCLG ASPAC actively participated in the 2nd National Urban Forum (NUF), a national-level initiative led by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing of Indonesia (PUPR) to heighten public awareness about the importance of sustainable, inclusive, and resilient urban settlement and housing development and inspire actions at both the individual and community levels, fostering contributions toward these overarching objectives. UCLG ASPAC’s involvement in NUF is aligned with its commitment to advancing urban development issues especially climate resilience as reflected in its three distinct flagship climate programmes, namely Climate Resilient and Inclusive Cities (CRIC), Urban-Act, and Global Covenant of Mayor Southeast Asia (GCoM SEA).

In the event, the UCLG ASPAC Secretariat actively participated in a Working Group focused on Urban Frameworks and Economics. This platform provided a valuable opportunity for UCLG ASPAC to share insights into the pivotal roles played by cities and local governments in nurturing urban sustainability. UCLG ASPAC emphasises vertical integration to enhance coordination between national and local governments, along with expanding the network of local governments to facilitate their access to innovative financing and knowledge exchange. UCLG ASPAC also continues to champion the significance of urban development issues, providing input for policy formulation and actionable steps toward the creation of sustainable, resilient, and inclusive cities.

Our involvement was also extended to the exhibition showcasing UCLG ASPAC’s work during the main event of the 2nd NUF, held on October 19, 2023, in Jakarta. The event was held concurrently with the Indonesia Urban Youth Assembly (IUYA).