Things You Shall Not Miss When in Yiwu, Host of the 9th UCLG ASPAC Congress

YIWU, the world’s largest consumer goods wholesale market, is a prosperous trade town. Strong in business culture, Yiwu stores hidden gems you shall not miss when visiting. The 9th UCLG ASPAC Congress will expose you to the various factors that make this city the world’s hub and enjoy the five Explore Yiwu field routes for your understanding of the city’s experience. CLICK HERE for information and registration. While preparing for your visit, you can also enjoy some other previews of this city’s icons below to know the city better.

International Trade City

(Yiwu) International Trade City or Market/Mart, sometimes also called Yiwu Futian Market refers to a market complex with five districts all connected and every district has their own specialities. This is always the number one must-visit for those coming to Yiwu.

  • District 1: toys, artificial flowers, jewellery, jewellery accessories, as well as art and crafts.
  • District 2: bags and cases, umbrellas and rain wear, plastic bags, shopping bags, package bags, tools, hardware, locks, electrical accessories, home appliances, electronics, telecommunications, watches, and clocks.
  • District 3: stationery and office products, sporting and travel products, cosmetics and beauty products, buttons, and zippers.
  • District 4: socks, daily necessities/supermarket products, gloves, hats, shoes, ribbons, laces, threads, buckles, textile accessories, ties, towels, underwear, belts, and shawl.
  • District 5: imported products, bedding, Chinese knots, Do It Yourself Products, curtains, fabrics, textile raw materials, car/auto accessories.

International Exhibition Centre

(Yiwu) International Exhibition Centre or Yiwu International Expo Centre is considered newly built. It covers an exhibition hall and a five-star hotel covering a total building area of more than 296 thousand square metres and a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan. The total building area of the exhibition hall (more than 240 thousand square metres) can provide 5,000 international standard exhibition booths.

Hengdian World Studios

Hengdian World Studios is known as China’s Hollywood. Located in Hengdian, it is the world’s largest film and TV base with the greatest concentration of industry factors, a National AAAAA Tourist Attraction, and the largest film and TV tourism theme park cluster in China (

Luo Binwang Park

Luo Binwang Park is a historic and cultural park built to commemorate Luo Binwang, one of the most outstanding poets of the Tang Dynasty. Some say that the park is the place where Luo Binwang frequently visited as a child. Everything in the park is said to be connected to Luo Binwang, the gardens, the lakes, and signs throughout the park explain how the surrounding environment touched and inspired the poet to create his masterworks of poetry.