Support to Samarinda City: VLR Development

January 4, 2024 | Samarinda – UCLG ASPAC started the support to Samarinda, a city member requesting assistance in developing the Voluntary Local Review (VLR) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UCLG ASPAC welcomes the commitment of Mayor Andi Harun of Samarinda to showcase the city’s progress and achievement of the SDGs through the city’s VLR development. Commencing the process, Samarinda City organised a kick-off meeting and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on January 4, 2024, at Samarinda City Hall. The event raised awareness about VLR among city officials and local stakeholders, gathered feedback on selected SDG goals/indicators, and identified best practices for inclusion in the report.

The event was graced with the presence of the Vice Mayor and Regional Secretary, on behalf of the Samarinda City Government. Key resource persons, including representatives from UCLG ASPAC and the National SDGs Secretariat of National Development Agency (Bappenas), were invited to increase awareness among participants, which comprised city government officials, academicians, and local non-state actors.

In his opening remarks, Vice Mayor Dr. Rusmadi highlighted the city’s commitment to SDGs through its 10 flagship programmes. The Community Empowerment and Development Programme (Pro-bebaya), for example, which contributes to SDG 1 and SDG 11, has received funding of IDR 100 million (approx. USD 6.328,72) from the Samarinda City Government. The programme has capacitated and empowered the local community to design and implement projects. Besides, Doctor On Call and Smart City Plus programmes contribute to SDG 3 and SDG 11, respectively.

In the speech of Secretary General of UCLG ASPAC delivered by Mr. Hendra Susila Adi, Capacity Building and Learning Coordinator, she emphasised that the VLR will contribute to strengthening the monitoring and evaluation of SDGs in Samarinda, enhancing coordination between the national government and local government. “The VLR development will be a concrete effort by local governments to localise the SDGs and assist the central government in achieving SDGs,” she added. In the same light, the National Planning Agency of Indonesia (Bappenas) also emphasised that VLR has been mainstreamed in their strategy to promote the SDGs localisation and provide sufficient information to the VNR.

The VLR of Samarinda City is targeted to be finalised by March 2024. We highly appreciate the initiative and commitment of local leaders in developing the local report to support their city’s effort in SDGs localisation. We encourage all city/local government leaders to engage in similar commitments.